Pauli is a simple mobile task app, that allows users to color-coordinate specific tasks and incentivize them to complete and stay on task.



Interviewing Paul was probably the most important aspect of this project.  Really understanding what his needs/wants were really helped me create a product that tackled these aspects.  What I found through this interview was that Paul needed a very simple task app that could remind and prioritize different tasks he needed to get done.


Creating a simple yet powerful persona (Paul) helped me remember that I'm designing for him and not myself.  Whenever I felt myself straying to the latter, I opted back to the persona to refocus my design outcomes.   


I conducted a competitive/comparative and heuristic analysis on other task apps to figure out what aspects I could replicate, and which aspects I could do away with.  At the same time I referenced my persona to align his needs with the features of these tasks apps to give myself a clear picture of a desirable deliverable for Paul.



I drew out a few sketches of a simple interface that I thought would meet Paul's task needs.  I incorporated a color coordinating feature, that allows Paul to associate tasks with colors, as well as a "now" tab and a "later" tab.

High Fidelity Mockups

Using my sketches as the blueprints of my high fidelity mockup, I decided to do away with the home screen toggle feature and redesign the "now" and "later" features as a divided list.  This way Paul doesn't have to leave a single screen.